Surviving the Wolf Pack at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in Cebu

July 12, 2018. I woke up a bit later than I planned so I had to rush into getting ready for the biggest book sale in the history of the Philippines, courtesy of Big Bad Wolf Books! I thought I was mentally ready for the challenge, but I was so wrong. Preview day passes were... Continue Reading →


How Maayo Stay Argao Changed My Mood For Summer

No matter how hard we try, human as we are, we're always exposed to situations where, most often than not, we immediately make judgement on people or places without knowing all the circumstances involved. Besides, the only truth we know is the truth we believe in. This blog is a typical example of that. A... Continue Reading →

Photo Vault #3: Calaguas Island

One can't say they've lived a proper life if one hasn't experienced some death-defying adventures. But I'm not here to scare you. This is merely a recollection of my Calaguas Island adventure some few years ago with my fun and crazy friends. 🙂 Calaguas Island is a group of islands in the province of Camarines... Continue Reading →

Photo Vault #1: Sipalay

I've been really lazy again as of late and I've not had the chance to write anything new or feature new places i've been to in the city. I'm almost at my limit with my corporate job and I don't know how long I can still hold on, but i digress. Hahaha So I decided... Continue Reading →

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